Mike began his drumming journey deep in the forests of northern Ontario. It was here that he learned the language of the animals and was often observed wandering through the forest joking with squirrels, conversing with rabbits, and debating deer. His love for rhythm began at this early age too.Soon Mike was pounding out beats on his homemade drum kit, made from hollowed logs, rocks, stumps, and sticks. He would sit and play for hours entertaining the forest creatures and honing his skills. One day, after finishing an extra long drum solo, he meet a small grey pigeon who was passing through from the city. Peggy (as the Pigeon was named) told him of all that there was to do see, and learn, in the city, and told him of the great many other instruments and sounds that existed all around the world. This greatly excited Mike, and so, after mustering up all his courage, he set out on a great worldwide journey exploring strange new lands and discovering tons of cool instruments along the way. Mike currently lives in Toronto working as a session musician and private teacher. He studied music performance at both Humber College and at York University, and studied privately with the likes of Barry Elmes, Paul Delong, Rick Lazar, Barry Romberg, and Don Vickery among many others.


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