Liam started his musical journey on upturned buckets on his bed and quickly moved on to a drum kit in his parent’s basement. Since then he has incorporated tons of other instruments from every corner of the universe: from African Kalimba to Guatemalan Marimba; from American Guitar to Indian Sitar; from German Accordion to Martian Quaggborglion. Liam has released 4 albums with 3 different bands and toured across Canada several times. He loves to write music with his friends and believes that music can teach and connect us all. Having graduated with a degree in Physics, he has spent countless hours attempting to calculate the perfect beat. Liam loves to play music outside, ideally jamming with the yaks on mountaintops, or under the sea with the squids. He is honored to share his love for music with all the Mystic Drumz friends and critters.

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