J.D. has been drumming since the tender age of 10, around the same time his parents told him he was from Jupiter. His drumming drove his older brothers crazy and provoked several late-night phone cease and desist phone calls from neighbors, but the Jupitarians always appreciated it. He later went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Performance from McGill University where he encountered many other “people” from his homeland and began recording and touring the galaxy with his space-jazz ensembles (they had a #1 hit on Xyloglurben-3!). After graduation he worked as a house drummer on cruise ships and as a session drummer in various recording studios in Toronto until he met Mystic Drumz. He recently relocated to Cancun, Mexico where he does exclusive shows for talking jaguars and sea turtles and performs regularly in many of the finest hotels and resorts in the region for vacationers from all over earth.

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