Where it all began

Mystic Drumz began in Toronto, Canada in 1995 with a simple idea of bringing hand drumming and children together in a fun and creative way. Founder Lorne Lampert began to test his ideas early on at local scout groups and relatives’ birthday parties. Lorne went on to create and run a music program in Utica, Mississippi. After returning to Canada, Lorne’s ‘idea’ become a company and Mystic Drumz was quickly hired to design and deliver customized summer programs for North America’s largest daycamp, ‘Green Acres’. Soon after Mystic Drumz began to branch out to other camps and perform at special events. By hiring and training other drummers to continue the education, Mystic Drumz is now able to be in more than one place at a time.

Where it’s grown is incredible! We are active in three countries (Canada, U.S.A. and Mexico) and we service over 20 cities and deliver our programs in English, French, and Spanish.

Founder & CDO, Lorne Lampert

Lorne LampertLorne Lampert, B.F.A., B.Ed., is one of Canada’s leading musicians and educators. Specializing in creating custom rhythm workshops and stage performances, he utilizes fantastical musical adventure stories to engage participation and introduce world percussion instruments to children.

Lorne creates dynamic and imaginative constructs for learning. He has been described as an ‘edge-ucator’ because his approach to knowledge acquisition is at the leading edge of new frontier learning techniques. Lorne continuously brings unparalleled, fresh new experiences to his audience. His energy, enthusiasm and experience have created a high demand for his talent. As C.D.O. (Chief Drumming Officer) and founder of Mystic Drumz, Lorne has earned the confidence of theatres, school boards, daycares, festivals, camps and corporations across North America.

Lorne’s professional background combines twenty years of performing experience, positions in public and private education, and extensive involvement with the community. This coalescence of experience equips him with a unique blend of skills and perspective with which to create, design and deliver musical theatre productions.

Lorne’s academic accomplishments include his Bachelors of Fine Arts Music Performance with Honors from York University. There he studied intensely under virtuosos master South Indian musician Trichy Sankaran for 3 years as his principal student. As well in earning his Bachelors of Education Music that gave him the deeper understands of children and music. He is a member of the Ontario College of Teachers and worked for the TDSB for 3 years as he developed the Mystic Drumz programs.

Lorne’s skills in music have lead him into the finest studios in Canada and put him on international record releases. He is called on to perform in many styles and genres with producers from all musically backgrounds. Lorne has studied under many well-known percussionists over the past twenty years including African Master drummer Abraham Adzenyah and Nii Tetteh, Middle Eastern Specialist Glen Velez, and well-known Latin stars like Giovanni Hidalgo and Sal Ferrera. Lorne completed the Simon Fraser University World Percussion Intensive and was a member of the North York All Star Band.