Special Events

Holiday Parties, End of Year Graduations, BBQ's and more!

Celebrations like holiday parties and year-end graduations can always use a little drumming to kick it up a notch! Our shows work great both indoors and outdoors. It’s rare to find entertainment for both adults and kids alike, but that’s exactly what we’ve done here. Mystic Drumz shows will keep your whole party entertained and enthralled. Our shows can be customized to any event and the stories changed to include seasonal or cultural character references throughout. We can run small drum circle rotation stations or be up on the main stage. The Mystic Drumz World Music Safari Adventure shows are a great way to give back to your student population. Whether it’s Father’s Day, Groundhog Day, or Graduation Day, we will have your students jumping and singing like you’ve never seen them before!

From Our clients

Our clients


2nd Painswick Guides and Pathfinders
Scouts Canada – 1st Palgrave
Toronto Childrens Chorus
Sudbury Canada Day

Queens Park Canada Day
Milton Community Resource Centre
Craigleith Ski Club
Grimsby Museum
Chabad Oakridges
Chabad Mississauga
Chabad Midtown
Chabad Windsor
Hockey for Heros
12th Milton Sparks
Sick Children’s Hospital
Reena Foundation
Bloorview Centre
Toyota Lexus
Rogers Communication
Philips Canada
Christian Aid International
Seneca College Newnham Campus Christmas Party
Patriot Forge Co Christmas Party
Town of Oakville Family Day
Scouts Canada
Girl Guides Canada
Blue Mountain Resort
Adath Israel Congregation
JVS Toronto
Beth Torah
Ontario Science Center Earth Hour
Station Gallery
Hamilton Art Gallery


ECE Center at Congregation Or Ami

North Suburban Jewish Community Center/Aviv Center for Living

Elizabeth Glaser Paediatric Aids Foundation Fundraiser

Hoover Auditorium, Lakeside OH

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For thousands of years...

people have wondered about the mysterious Marshmallow Island. Legend says that it appears rarely but is essential to the world’s supply of marshmallows. 
Then the marshmallow people throw down an all night rave dance party and dance till their feet are sore. During this rambunctious event marshmallows explode out from the island in all directions and cover the ground surrounding the marsh. It’s then and only then that humans can gather the marshmallows of all sizes and bring them home for use at campfires, rice crispy squares, amores, and more.  
The Mallow plant commonly found in and around marshlands and ponds is a direct result of the seeding from these parties and the leftover marshmallows.

Mystic Drumz Covid-19 Contactless Shows/Workshops 2020

At Mystic Drumz, the safety of our participants (campers, facilitators, students and performers) is always our first priority. We understand that many of you may have concerns regarding COVID-19 and potential implications for their Mystic Drumz programs. 

In developing a COVID-19 action plan and response, Mystic Drumz is actively monitoring and following the guidance of public health agencies across North America. These include the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) along with regional and local public health agencies. This may lead to decisions regarding to delays, or cancellations of programs but are made in the best interest of safety.

Mystic Drumz “Contactless Shows” promise to bring joy and happiness to your children without the worry.  The performer can be anywhere 10-20 feet away from your participants without it affecting our energetic and exciting performances.  When needed, we bring sound systems to accommodate larger spaces where children need to be separated and safely spaced apart in auditorium or gym settings.  We are also able to perform our shows and workshops outdoors.

We are now offering Multi-Pack Mystic Drumz Mini-Shows for the summer of 2020.  The Mini-Shows are perfect for centers that cannot bring their many classrooms together due to COV-19 restrictions. Each classroom can have its own show to accommodate physical distancing. Our performances can take place in one designated space (your gym, multi-purpose room, outdoors, etc). Children will still get up and dance in their spots while learning about amazing new percussion instruments with our signature performance approach. Or the performer can move from room to room with the instruments.  These programs will be offered at the same rates you would have paid last summer for our recommended programming.  Virtual Zoom shows are also available for the first time this summer!
As an organization, we are hopeful that if we all do our part, we contain this situation.  This is a constantly evolving challenge and we would like to thank all of our clients for their understanding and patience during this difficult time.

Please note that as per usual we do not require deposits for booking with us. When things reopen our calendar will fill quickly and summer is a very busy time for us – so save your date. Due to the fluidity of the situation we are NOT going to charge any cancellation fees so you can feel comfortable making your booking.

Keep up to date with the latest updates around commonly asked questions about Covid-19 with regards to Mystic Drumz.

This story sparked a passion in Lorne Lampert, founder of Mystic Drumz, to search out and finally gain photographic proof of this auspicious event. Along this adventure Lorne finds and demonstrates unique and eclectic world beat Percussion Instruments and Drumz from around the globe. Follow Lorne, his pet frog Larry, and all his animal buddies as they retell the adventure that leads them there.  

Parents and Teachers

Enjoy the 16 YouTube mini series “The Legend of Marshmallow Island’ with your children and students, we have a lesson plan you can download from our website.