The Mystic Drummerz Team

This creative group of highly skilled musicians and teachers specialize in workshops and stage performances. They weave together musical lessons with entertaining stories to engage participation. Each performer has been trained in the Mystic Drumz style of delivery and instruction. All Mystic Drummerz have developed their experience and knowledge hands-on in the field. Our team also includes experienced audio-visual technicians, costume designers, and stage crews. The energy, enthusiasm, and experience of the team have created a high demand for their services.

Dave Gould

Hamilton, ON

Mike Brushey

Toronto, ON

J.D. Katz

Cancun, Mexico

Martin Coffey

Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A.

Larry Klass

Jason Walker

Phil Weinstein

Kelly Roberge

Mark Sepic

Join our team

Mystic Drumz is looking for talented, professional individuals across North America who share in our commitment to drumming up fun. You must have experience both in working with children and performing on stage. We are seeking top notch applicants who have attained a Bachelor Degree in Education or Music or comparable expertise.

If you are interested in being considered for employment with Mystic Drumz, or are curious about this opportunity, please forward your resume and cover letter [email protected].

Thank you for your interest in Mystic Drumz!

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Dave Gould

Dave Gould started drumming when he was 12. He started on snare drum and broke all his mom’s wooden spoons before he discovered drumsticks. He is a professional percussionist who has recorded more than 30 albums. He has been seen making music on everything from BBQs to kayaks to trees in the woods. He graduated with honours from the Mohawk College music program. Dave is a dynamic performer and storyteller who loves to work with children. Ask him about the time when he co-wrote a song cycle with 5 birds, 2 chipmunks and a cat. He also makes crazy instruments out of the strangest things like plumbing parts, rain barrels, toilets and recycled garbage. Dave loves to share his love for music in the Mystic Drumz adventures.

Mike Brushey

Mike began his drumming journey deep in the forests of northern Ontario. It was here that he learned the language of the animals and was often observed wandering through the forest joking with squirrels, conversing with rabbits, and debating deer. His love for rhythm began at this early age too. Soon Mike was pounding out beats on his homemade drum kit, made from hollowed logs, rocks, stumps, and sticks. He would sit and play for hours entertaining the forest creatures and honing his skills. One day, after finishing an extra long drum solo, he meet a small grey pigeon who was passing through from the city. Peggy (as the Pigeon was named) told him of all that there was to do see, and learn, in the city, and told him of the great many other instruments and sounds that existed all around the world. This greatly excited Mike, and so, after mustering up all his courage, he set out on a great worldwide journey exploring strange new lands and discovering tons of cool instruments along the way. Mike currently lives in Toronto working as a session musician and private teacher. He studied music performance at both Humber College and at York University, and studied privately with the likes of Barry Elmes, Paul Delong, Rick Lazar, Barry Romberg, and Don Vickery among many others.

J.D. Katz

J.D. has been drumming since the tender age of 10, around the same time his parents told him he was from Jupiter. His drumming drove his older brothers crazy and provoked several late-night phone cease and desist phone calls from neighbors, but the Jupitarians always appreciated it. He later went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Performance from McGill University where he encountered many other “people” from his homeland and began recording and touring the galaxy with his space-jazz ensembles (they had a #1 hit on Xyloglurben-3!). After graduation he worked as a house drummer on cruise ships and as a session drummer in various recording studios in Toronto until he met Mystic Drumz. He relocated to Cancun, Mexico where he does exclusive shows for talking jaguars and sea turtles and performs regularly in many of the finest hotels and resorts in the region for vacationers from all over earth.

Martin Coffey

The performer you know as Martin Coffey comes from Electric Latté Land and grew up playing Rock and Roll for the natives. When he got older he went to Drexel University to learn how to play and record music, so people in the future can hear what we do today! During the day Martin teaches drumming to kids and grown-ups everywhere! At night, he transforms into the super-hero known as Styx Latté, and plays drums with Rock and Roll bands! He gets to stay up really late and make lots of noise while people dance all night long!


Cassie was playing on pots and pans from age 4, begging her parents for a “dwum set”. They finally gave in at age 10, when they realized a child who couldn’t sit still for 5 minutes had been talking about drums for 6 years. It was love at first kit. Cassie went on to play in her school’s jazz band, in DCI style drum lines, and with bands all around Austin, TX. In high school, she spent her extra class periods at the junior high, tutoring younger percussion students. It’s no surprise that she is now part of the Mystic Drumz team, an organization that combines her love of percussion with her passion of music education.

Larry Klass

Having started music instruction at age 6 and on stage as a professional musician since he was 10, music has been a huge part of Larry’s life.  Being able to perform and teach over 12 instruments has given him the ability to master the art of music. It is not only his career, it is also his passion. Larry’s specialty is teaching children percussion instruments which he has been doing for the past 25 years.

Jason Walker

When Jason Walker was 4 years old a picture of him covering his ears appeared in the local paper with the caption, “Obviously Jason Walker is not a fan of percussion music.” Always one to swim against the current, he began studying drums at age 7. Jason graduated cum laude from the Hartt School of Music in Hartford, CT. with a degree in percussion performance and currently makes his living in the Washington DC area as a performer, educator, expressive arts facilitator, and dance accompanist. Jason is very excited to bring his love of music, stories, and amphibians to Mystic Drumz’ audiences!

Phil Weinstein

Phil was born in Lynn, MA, home of Garelick Farms, which makes milk, that comes from cows. So when Phil plays the cowbell he tends to moo. Phil loves taking his Djembe to park to jam with the birds and bees. 

When he is at the park he loves to play the triangle like a hula-hoop while also playing the bongos with his toes.  Phil uses drumsticks to play his head, um… I mean drum heads. He plays with the drumsticks so often; he is mistaken for a chicken! 

Phil likes to dance to drum beats. He learned his best dance moves from monkeys! There is SO much energy when Phil is performing with his instruments that he can power up a light bulb! 

The reason Phil wears his hair in a ponytail is so that his animal friends can have a place to hang after the show, but Phil LOVES pizza and his friend Reggie is such a pig he eats the whole pie!

Most of all, Phil loves to perform for crowds of elephants, because they never forget the fun they had. He also loves to perform for children like you.

Kelly Roberge

Kelly started his musical journey in southern CT where he was able to study and play saxophone with some of NYC’s finest jazz musicians. When his hometown couldn’t stand listening to him practice all day, Kelly moved to Ohio to attend the Oberlin Conservatory of Music where he studied the saxophone and received a bachelors degree in Music Education. After college, Kelly moved to Portland, OR to perform with his best friend Ezra in his jazz sextet. 

After a year of going to all of the jam sessions in Portland, Kelly moved to Boston to attend graduate school at the New England Conservatory where he formed the world’s most enjoyable jazz quartet, The Quartet of Happiness. The quartet is dedicated to bringing jazz music to young audience in an interactive was through theater and games. He also formed the hilarious duo “Ronald Reagan-Boston’s Premier 80’s Pop Saxophone Duo” that performed heavily in the Boston and NYC comedy scene.

Besides playing saxophone, Kelly also performs sketch comedy in the Boston and NYC comedy scenes with his solo quartet “All of Us Solo Quartet.” He has also been a music teacher in the Framingham public schools where he teaches band, general music and the new curriculum for Drums Alive. Because of his love for drums, comedy and story telling, Kelly is super excited to be a drummer for Mystic Drumz, where he has enjoyed two seasons so far.

Mark Sepic

More to come.

For thousands of years...

people have wondered about the mysterious Marshmallow Island. Legend says that it appears rarely but is essential to the world’s supply of marshmallows. 
Then the marshmallow people throw down an all night rave dance party and dance till their feet are sore. During this rambunctious event marshmallows explode out from the island in all directions and cover the ground surrounding the marsh. It’s then and only then that humans can gather the marshmallows of all sizes and bring them home for use at campfires, rice crispy squares, amores, and more.  
The Mallow plant commonly found in and around marshlands and ponds is a direct result of the seeding from these parties and the leftover marshmallows.

Mystic Drumz Covid-19 Contactless Shows/Workshops 2020

At Mystic Drumz, the safety of our participants (campers, facilitators, students and performers) is always our first priority. We understand that many of you may have concerns regarding COVID-19 and potential implications for their Mystic Drumz programs. 

In developing a COVID-19 action plan and response, Mystic Drumz is actively monitoring and following the guidance of public health agencies across North America. These include the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) along with regional and local public health agencies. This may lead to decisions regarding to delays, or cancellations of programs but are made in the best interest of safety.

Mystic Drumz “Contactless Shows” promise to bring joy and happiness to your children without the worry.  The performer can be anywhere 10-20 feet away from your participants without it affecting our energetic and exciting performances.  When needed, we bring sound systems to accommodate larger spaces where children need to be separated and safely spaced apart in auditorium or gym settings.  We are also able to perform our shows and workshops outdoors.

We are now offering Multi-Pack Mystic Drumz Mini-Shows for the summer of 2020.  The Mini-Shows are perfect for centers that cannot bring their many classrooms together do to COV-19 restrictions. Each classroom can have it’s own show to accommodate physical distancing. Our performances can take place in one designated space (your gym, multi-purpose room, outdoors, etc). Children will still get up and dance in their spots while learning about amazing new percussion instruments with our signature performance approach. Or the performer can move from room to room with the instruments.  These programs will be offered at the same rates you would have paid last summer for our recommended programming.

As an organization, we are hopeful that if we all do our part, we will help flatten the curve. This is a constantly evolving situation and we would like to thank all of our clients for their understanding and patience during this difficult time.

Please note that as per usual we do not require deposits for booking with us. When things reopen our calendar will fill quickly and summer is a very busy time for us – so save your date. Due to the fluidity of the situation we are NOT going to charge any cancellation fees so you can feel comfortable making your booking.

Keep up to date with the latest updates around commonly asked questions about Covid-19 with regards to Mystic Drumz.

This story sparked a passion in Lorne Lampert, founder of Mystic Drumz, to search out and finally gain photographic proof of this auspicious event. Along this adventure Lorne finds and demonstrates unique and eclectic world beat Percussion Instruments and Drumz from around the globe. Follow Lorne, his pet frog Larry, and all his animal buddies as they retell the adventure that leads them there.  

Parents and Teachers

Enjoy the 16 YouTube mini series “The Legend of Marshmallow Island’ with your children and students, we have a lesson plan you can download from our website.