Mystic Drummerz

The Mystic Drumz team is creative group of highly skilled musicians and teachers. Specializing in workshops and stage performances, they weave together musical lessons with fantastical stories to engage participation.

Each performer and facilitator has been trained in the Mystic Drumz style of delivery and instruction. 
All Mystic Master Drummerz have developed their experience and knowledge hands-on in the field. 

Our team also includes experienced audio/visual technicians, costume designers and stage crews.
 The energy, enthusiasm, and experience of the team have created a high demand for their services.

Founder & CDO: Lorne Lampert, B.FA, B.ED

Lorne Lampert is an international multi-instrumentalist, music educator, C.D.O. (Chief Drumming Officer) and founder of Mystic Drumz. For over fifteen years he has created and delivered musical safari adventures that incorporate and introduce world percussion instruments to children and adults. His passion is to bring a sense of excitement and wonder to the world of percussion music. 
Lorne’s work has garnered recognition through numerous Ontario Arts Council Grants and spectacular reviews.

Through Mystic Drumz, Lorne has created dynamic and imaginative constructs for learning. He has been described as an ‘edge-ucator’ because the Mystic Drumz approach is at the edge of new frontier learning techniques. 
As a result, Mystic Drumz has earned the confidence of school boards, theatres, daycares, and camps across North America.


Mystic Drumz is looking for talented, professional individuals across North America who share in our commitment to drumming up fun. You must have experience both in working with children and performing on stage. We are seeking people who have attained a Bachelor Degree in Education or Music or comparable expertise.

If you are interested in being considered for employment with the Mystic Drumz, or are curious about this opportunity please forward your resume and cover letter to [email protected].

Thank you for your interest in Mystic Drumz!