Imagine the excitement of children discovering rare and one-of-a-kind instruments from around the world.
Imagine a magical musical where kids are swept away into a safari adventure.
Imagine a touch of world ecology thrown in to add to the fun and learning!

School Assemblies – We offer large format school shows great for JK grade to 8! These forty-five minute percussion spectaculars feature interactive music adventures that drum up a child’s imagination. No show is too big or too small.

Workshops for Children – We offer hands-on group drumming sessions for 10 to 100 children at time. This is a chance for children to get creative and build their own rhythm band. We have junior (3-6), intermediate (7-12) and senior (13-17) program levels.

Workshops for Teachers – Even teachers need a little fun! The goal of our teacher's workshop is twofold: To create synergy in the workplace through dynamic drumming ensembles...and at the same to educate teachers about techniques for integrating simple rhythm and sound games into their lesson plans.

Pre-School and After-School – Six, eight and ten week sessions are all available to after-school and lunch time programs. These skill building programs progress from week to week. Watch how a child’s musical ability grows with just a little encouragement from our skilled instructors.

The Studio Experience – This is a once in a lifetime program! Children create, star and perform on their own CD. The program features the use of a portable professional studio and can be offered as either a one-time event or at the end of an ongoing in house program. The studio experience culminates in a original CD recording that captures the unique music created by the group. Each CD is custom made and packaged with the name of the event, date, and song titles printed right on it.

Parties and Special Events

Mystic Drumz Birthday parties are truly one of a kind. Both Junior Jammers (3-6) and Senior Songsters (7-12) parties feature elements taken from the live stage show and interactive workshops. Please contact us for more information to make your next event unforgettable.

Birthday Celebrations
Charity Events
Street Parties

Team Building and Corporate Events

Drumming is a great unifying experience that compels your whole team to work together to achieve a common objective. Playing music is all about listening to each other, about finding a groove that works for you in between two others, about sharing space and becoming part of something greater than the individual!
Strengthen your organization…. with groove in mind!

Corporate Meetings and Retreats
Staff Parties

Stage Shows

Our stage shows, with a unique approach to music, its use, its diversity, its instruments, its sounds and flavours are a first in children’s educational viewing. With broad appeal across the mosaic of our various cultures, our performances reach across language barriers and unite participants through rhythm and sound. These large format productions include the use of advanced multi-media video, lighting and sound. Our computers, MIDI pads and controls trigger sound effects and stage lighting that are today’s cutting edge.

The Legend of Marshmallow Island
The Button People
The Road to JelloTown
Custom Productions

Private/Group Lessons

The opportunity of one-on-one learning is a Mystic Drumz favourite. Here you have the chance to further your percussion skills or follow your curiosity sparked by a Mystic Drumz stage show or workshop!

Individual in-home lessons
Small group in-home lessons