Schools and Libraries


“Aurora Public Library was lucky enough to be able to have Mystic Drumz perform The Legend of Marshmallow Island for our 2014 March Break programs. It was the staff members’ favourite program in a long time, and the children and families loved it! It was a fabulously fun and educational experience (educational in that wonderful sneaky way where kids don’t realize they’re learning things but they are), and we had instant requests to have Mystic Drumz again, which we certainly will! Highly recommended.”

Polly Ross
Children’s Services Librarian
Aurora Public Library


“Mystic Drumz ROCKS!!!
Our school watched the live performance of the Button People and the 60 kids were entertained, energized and rocking and rolling for 1hour of FUN FUN FUN wanting more more more!!! Even at the end of the day when their parents came they were like mystic drumz and like… binga bonga boom and the button people and the roller coster ride ahh and oh it was so fun!
Every school should have Mystic Drumz come to them at least once a year – it does a school body good!!!”

Kat Shave School


“Mystic Drumz performed their first show in the family fun series called “The Legend of Marshmallow Island” at my school, Humbervale Montessori, this past January to compliment our classroom theme about Musical instruments and the Orchestra. Mystic Drumz lead the children on an unforgettable adventure into rhythm and movement, while capturing their imaginations and attention through artful storytelling and creative descriptions of instrument origins. Strong multi-cultural messages came through the songs and stories that were shared with the children. The program will exceed your expectations, I’ve been teaching for many years and this show is one of the few that totally captivated the entire group and connected with the children at so many levels.”

Andrea Heitz
Humbervale Montessori School


“Mystic Drumz provides a program that is diverse and entertaining. There is nothing like laughter and we laughed from beginning to end. Following the performance, the entire staff commented on the excellence of the performance. I enjoyed it so much that I enlisted Mystic Drumz for a personal event. Adults and children alike at this event were completely taken with both the Mystic Drumz music and stories. The program is interesting, educational, humorous and exciting! It would be my pleasure and that of my colleagues to work with Mystic Drumz again.”

Jo- Anne Sexton
School co-ordinator / Teacher
Kew Park Montessori School


“Mystic Drumz imparted an abundance of knowledge about rhythm and beat which reinforced the Ministry curriculum expectations in music. I would highly recommend this interactive workshop which is appropriate for students at the elementary level.”

Joan Switzer
Cliffwood Public School
North York Board of Education


“The performance and the workshops were fantastic. The students and staff thoroughly enjoyed the story, instruments and music. Though the audience ranged from kindergarten to grade three the presentation and content was age/grade appropriate and held everyone’s attention and enthusiasm. We look forward to when we can have you come back with the “Button People. Thanks so much.”

Fran McLeod


“Once again, many thanks for your amazing performances and workshops at Our Lady of Fatima this past week. Mystic Drumz taught, entertained, and enlightened students, staff, and parents alike. Our students were captivated by the rhythms and engaged with your style of teaching in a way that is rarely seen.”

Laura Profiti
Chair, Parent Council
Our Lady of Fatima CES, Woodbridge


“Awesome! The Mystic Drumz workshop is a wonderful interactive hands on experience in rhythm, beat and sound. The students really enjoyed playing and learning about the different types of drums and rhythm instruments. Mystic Drumz has a unique teaching style that really motivates the students. We highly recommend this program for all students.”

Lynn Brazeau
A.K. Wigg Public School