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Mystic Drumz @ Green Acres

Check out this video blog from the summer of 2011. We all go way back together!

Real Life T.V. Apperance

Get an inside perspective on the world of Mystic Drumz with founder and international performer Lorne Lampert

Mystic Drumz on Daytime T.V.

The video is a quick glance at the Mystic Drumz hands on drumming workshop available for camps, birthdays, daycares, schools, libraries and special events.

Mystic Drumz Rogers TV Appearance

Get up close with Mystic Drumz founder Lorne Lampert and share his passion for music education

“Farmtastic Soundz” Fair and Festivals Promo

This music adventure takes audiences across the country to explore the sounds you would find on a farm. Children dance their way from farm to farm and ride virtual roller coasters and trains to discover amazing farm instruments such as cowbells, triangles, washboards, spoons and more.

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