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World Music Outreach Program


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“Our mission is to provide world beat percussion instruments and musical training to children in orphanages of developing countries. Our hope is to enrich their lives and make a difference.”

For information on how to donate to our next “Drumming a Difference” program, email Lorne @ [email protected]


On the morning of April 30 2013 Martin A.K.A. Styx Latte of Mystic Drumz performed at Marshallton Head Start Child Daycare services. This show was part of the Mystic Drumz "Drumming a Difference" initiative and was at no charge to the Daycare.

This show was part of the Mystic Drumz "Drumming a Difference" initiative and was at no charge to the Daycare.

Marshallton Head Start Child Daycare 2013


Using funds from merchandise sales throughout the year Mystic Drumz can afford to donate performances back to the community and non-for-profit sites like Marshallton Head Start in Wilmington, DE. "Both the teachers and children were delighted" said Martin of Mystic Drumz "They loved the adventure to Marshmallow Island and learning about world music percussion along the way, great fun for all". Martin joined the Mystic Drumz team in 2011 and has been a hard working team member ever since.


Sieam Reap Cambodia 2009

Mystic Drumz spent four days at O.D.A. (Orphans & Disabled Arts Association) in Sieam Reap district, Cambodia February 2009. We donated instruments, food, clothing, money and musical instruction to the orphans. The objective of the ODA is to enable the poor orphans, disabled persons and poor people to look for a job to do to contribute to developing national society. They do this by giving education, skills training and general agricultural knowledge. If you would like to donate directly email [email protected]


Puerto Morelos, Mexico 2010

Mystic Drumz donated its “The Legend of Marshmallow Island” show to 'David Alfonso Siquiera' school located in the "pueblo" side of Puerto Morelos, Mexico in January 2010. Its a public school with 375 children from Gr.1-Gr.6, the children come from different socio-economic backgrounds, but most are from very poor families. The show was organized by a local charity called El Mundo Para Puerto Morelos. The charity is doing great work there as just a few years ago the school had over 700 kids and only enough running water to flush the toilets twice a day. Puerto Morelos is a small town about 35km south of Cancun and doesn't have the infrastructure or funding that Cancun does to take care of it's schools. To learn more about this amazing charity and donate directly visit http://www.emppm.com